Trust Your Strengths; IndieReader Interviews Author J. A. Nelson

Every debut author dreams of giving their first interview to an approving critic. And so, I was thrilled when IndieReader recently came calling–they had given A Man of Honor, or Horatio’s Confessions a 4.4 (out of 5) rating and listed it Indie Approved. Now was my chance to share some background about the story and some insights from the workbench where I had forged and refined my manuscript.

I settled into my chair to respond. IndieReader’s questions were fun and thoughtful. It was my fantasy come true.

When they posted the interview on Sept. 30, 2020, the tag line they added was fair: a true representation of an important lesson I learned as I wrote and revised my debut novel. It remains true every day I open my laptop and click away on the keys.

“To the best of our ability” is all we can do. Ever. No matter the situation. It’s hard these days to be willing to try, to improve. We’re exhausted, and the global stage of social media seems to demand perfection. Worse yet, our inner critic always stands ready to jeer. But we each have a story to tell.

Whether in storytelling or in life, we each begin, and come from, somewhere. As we progress, we look up at the rungs above and wonder what climbing those rickety steps will be like. We should never apologize for our origins, and we should not submit to any belief that perfection is born without effort or that only perfection deserves a well-lit stage.

I hope that my interview encourages anyone who wants to write a story but feels intimidated by the blank page. Did I succeed? Yes? No? What do you think? Here is the interview.

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